Why You Should Work at The Disney Store

When I was 15, I decided that my first job would be at my local Disney Store. The only down side was that I would have to wait until I turned 18 to apply. So eventually, after over two years, on my 18th birthday, I applied to the Disney Store. Two weeks later I had my very first shift!

Working at the Disney Store has been such a privilege and I really wish that everyone who loves Disney had this opportunity. So, if you love Disney, here are some reasons why you should work at the Disney Store.

-Sharing the Love

The idea behind the Store, is to immerse guests in the Disney magic without having to visit the parks. The more Disney knowledge you have, the more you’ll be able to bring that experience to life for the guests, and guests LOVE it!

You interact with some guests who tell you about their trips; character interactions, where they stayed, where they dined, and just basically everything! You interact with other guests through trivia, sing-alongs, and other magical in-store events. The most important matter: you get to talk Disney throughout your entire shift, and as Disney lovers, there’s nothing we love more.

-The Disney Look

During your interview, you receive a folder with some important papers inside. One of those papers is the “Disney Look”. It may seem strange at first (you’re allowed to wear only one bracelet per wrist, only a one-chain necklace, one set of earrings, natural colored hair, etc.), it really does make you look mature, clean, and professional. It is easy to follow, and I find that sometimes I ask myself if I’m following the “Disney Look” even when I’m not going to work.

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Sharing the Magic at The Disney Store!

-Great Cast

The Disney Store management does a great job of selecting their cast. Everyone in the store learns to work so well together in just a short period of time. As my first job, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was more than willing to learn. The cast really took me into their little family, and everyone was more than willing to help me out or answer a question when I needed it. They make the job fun, exciting, and are there to always support you even outside of work.


The world’s largest Disney Store is located in Shanghai!


-Creating Magic

Part of our costume is an apron which we hold pens, paper, and other stuff in, but we always make sure we keep a little magic hiding in there too! Nothing makes my day more special than welcoming a little princess or mini superhero into the store, writing their name on a sticker, and telling them that they are a guest of honor in the store today. It is those little moments of magic (giving them a sticker, asking them to sing with you, or even running off to color for a little bit) that matter the most.

Experiencing magic is one thing, but being able to make it is why you should work at the Disney Store.



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Lauren Gerhard

Lauren recently accepted a position in the Disney College Program for Spring 2018. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, @_disney_gal .
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