Why Disney Characters Are Not Just For Kids

Often people ask me why I love the Disney Parks so much. Many answers come to mind, of course, but one of my most favorite parts of the parks is the characters! Many people then proceed to give me questioning, or strange looks, because usually people believe that Disney characters are for smaller children, but why?

Since my first trip to Disneyland, characters have always been the most special part of the trip. When I was younger, it was purely magical. I could not believe that Mickey Mouse, Pluto and my favorite princesses were standing right in front of me! It was unreal.

As I grew older, the magic never stopped. One of the reasons I have loved meeting and seeing characters is because every experience is different. Sometimes they may be silly, other times they may give you an extra hug, but no matter what, characters strive to make you feel special, and that is magical at any age.


Together with Chip in Disneyland!

Last November, I had what is now one of my favorite character experiences to date. I really wanted to get a photo with each of the Mickey and Friends characters in their adorable Christmas attire (because who wouldn’t?). Anyways, Chip and Dale were on Main Street. Cast members made it clear that there was not a line forming, the characters would just be “walking around”. But, if any of you have been to a Disney park, you know that people swarm the characters, and they do not do much walking.

First, Chip pulled me aside, had us link arms, and then we posed for a picture, but Dale stole the show for me. I thought I had missed out on getting a picture with Dale, but he grabbed me to pose for a picture, and he proceeded to kiss my hand, link arms together and tried to convince a cast member to let me come hang out at his tree house. In that moment, I felt so special, that the mischievous Dale wanted me, of all people to go to his treehouse and gave me a little extra love.

Those moments, in my opinion, are what life is all about. A chipmunk made me feel like a princess, and in those special moments, you forget about all your worries, and just feel happy. Trust me, no matter what age you become and no matter how many times you meet a character, those moments never get old.

So, I am here to tell you, that Disney characters are NOT just for kids. People of any age can get in line, with their autograph books and cameras ready, and have the childlike excitement to meet a character, and that is great. It is not about feeling like a kid again, it is about feeling the utter joy that a child so often feels. It is the magic that tries to hide from us “big kids” but comes out in moments like these.

Do you like meeting Disney characters?

Tell me one of your favorite Disney character interactions in the comments below! Have a magical day!


Marisa Recker

Marisa Recker

Marisa is 17, from Washington state and is currently studying in New York City. Although she travels to Disneyland every couple of months, she is a huge fan of anything and everything Disney, and you can catch up with her on Instagram (marisa_recker), and Twitter (@reckerwithane).
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3 thoughts on “Why Disney Characters Are Not Just For Kids

  1. I know what you mean! Winnie the Pooh is my absolute favorite Disney characters and we happened to meet him when the line was short and I got some of the cutest selfies that made my whole trip!! I also love it when we stumble upon unique characters you don’t see very often like Robin Hood who is another one of my favorites!

  2. I hate how people judge you in the parks because one day I was with my dad and my 16 year old brother and I was dancing to the show at its a small world for the 60th anniversary celebration and people were calling me a weirdo which I’m not it’s just shows that I’m having so much fun

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