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The Heart of the Disney Parks

If you have ever been to a Disney Park, you know that it is magical. Somehow you are transported into a world that is a happy, clean, friendly, and an overall well-oiled machine. But, do you ever wonder what makes the parks so charmed? The answer is the Disney cast members.

Every Disney Park is filled to the brim with cast members. They do various jobs all over the parks, some of which guests do not always see. Here are a few jobs that cast members do, but you may not always think about.


This photo is of a cast member joining in on the video chat fun for my niece!

Trim the Plants

Have you ever stopped to ponder by a nearby tree, admire a skillfully trimmed giraffe hedge, or leaned against a styled topiary? If you have ever been to a Disney park, chances are you probably have. It is hard to imagine that these plants could become anything other than their clean selves, but without the cast members, they could be. Without them, that tree might be filled with leaves at the bottom, or that giraffe might become a wildebeest! Luckily for us, cast members make sure to keep all of the plants looking trimmed and proper.


Disneyland Topiary

Paint the Buildings

One morning as I was strolling through the parks, just as it opened, I saw a few cast members painting one of the trims of a Main Street building. This got me to take a look at all of the Main Street buildings, and I noticed how each building looked as if it had been freshly painted. An intriguing thing about the Disney Parks is that they never look old. Some of the parks have been around for 60 years, and yet they still look like they have been plucked out of a storybook. This is not by magic, but by cast members putting a fresh coat of paint on the buildings, and other areas of the park!

Clean the Garbage Cans

On the same day that I saw a few cast members painting the buildings, I saw another cast member cleaning a garbage can (they must have been busy that day!). This is yet another overlooked job that guests forget, or may never even think about, when strolling through the parks. The garbage cans may not be the star of the Disney Parks, but each one fits in with the land, i.e. Frontierland garbage cans look rustic, Fantasyland garbage cans look royal. The garbage have even become popular enough that you can purchase salt and pepper shakers based off of them! Just think about it, even your garbage gets the royal treatment at the Disney Parks!

Handle the Less Magical Guests

Let’s face it, sometimes, even the best Disney Parks have problems. A ride might have a technical issue, a restaurant may be out of a delicious treat, or a character line might close right as you are about to approach it. Some guests may move on from the issue, but others, may want to, well, strongly word their opinion to a cast member. Sometimes guests may be rude, or even angry, and handling the situation appropriately is another underrated job of a cast member. But, cast members are always trying to make guest’s time at the park as magical as possible, so they will often try to find something to compensate, or find another solution all together.


This photo is all rights reserved for Disney

Make Your Trip Magical

As said above, cast members are always looking to make guests trip’s more magical, and some cast members go above and beyond to do so. As you are waiting in line to meet a character, often cast members ask about your trip, or Disney related questions, like your favorite character, or ride. Cast members have also been known in the past to surprise guests with free buttons, teach them a new piece of Disney knowledge, share about a hidden mickey, or give tips on having the best time at the park!


Photo courtesy of themeparkinvestigator.com

Overall, cast members are truly the heart of the Disney Parks. They make the park go round, and keep the parks in tip-top shape. Also, every cast member does a job, or jobs, that make the park more enjoyable for guests. Even more importantly, cast members go above and beyond to make each guest feel like royalty.

So, to all the cast members out there, thank you for your incredible time and work you do to make the parks more magical, and be sure to leave a comment down below if you have had a cast member make your Disney Parks trip better. Have a magical day!



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