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The Disney College Program Waiting and Waiting Game

So you’re mid-way through college and things are very…….school.

Exams, homework, papers, meetings…it just doesn’t stop. Enter, the Disney College Program. Ever since you found out about it, it has basically consumed your thoughts.

“Are you telling me that I can LIVE at DISNEY, get PAID to work there, and enter the parks for FREE for anywhere between 4 and 12 months while simultaneously avoiding classwork?”

So what do you do with all of those responsibilities you have at home?


You run.

Run to your laptop, fling it open, and fill out that application faster than you can say, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Then, you join those Facebook groups so you can start meeting all those other like-minded individuals you didn’t know existed.

But suddenly, they start posting those beautiful emails that begin with “Congratulations!” and you start wondering when yours is going to come.




More days and emails go by and everyone is finding their roommates and talking about meeting up, and all you want is to get in on the action. Then the days turn into weeks, the waves of acceptances becoming more frequent and you think “Surely, this time!” You check your email, and refresh your dashboard over and over and over again………no new emails and the same “in progress” dashboard greets you.




You begin replaying everything from your phone interview in your mind to try to decipher what the hold up is. All you can really remember is that you were smiling because you heard they can somehow hear that sort of thing through the phone. You were trying to come off as the super-helpful-friendly-excited-to-be-at-work cast member that they’re looking for, but you think maybe it was too much and what they saw through the phone was…


“NO!! I’m not coming for your toys! I just want to come live with you!!!!”



…wait…still too much. Moving on.

You really start thinking of all the reasons that they could be waiting and remember the old adage “Save the best for last.”

YES INDEED my friends! THAT’S what’s happening around here. You go to post, “Hate to break it to you people but they’re saving the best CP’s for last” on the Facebook page. But then you remember that if all goes according to plan, you have to make friends with these people. You chant that it’s “not their fault”, quickly to yourself, until the urge to post passes.

Let us not let them turn a man against thy brother.



You try to distract yourself from your inbox by doing whatever you normally do but then you have friends and family saying:

“Hey didn’t you apply for the DCP?”


“DID I?!?! Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot!”

“What ever happened with that?”



“This person I know is doing attractions! Haven’t the acceptances gone out?”



Back to the dashboard you go.

Your rational mind is telling you this has been the same photo all along, but you really start to think she used to look inviting,  and now she’s mocking you.

“Oh hello! Back so soon? Nope, no new messages! Oh, are you leaving? Okay! See you in ten minutes!” –this girl here



Well, regardless of the outcome, you’ll have your answer in a few more weeks if not sooner.

I’d tell you to relax and be positive, but I know exactly where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing:



I was there myself.







Sydney is a 21 year old Disney loving graduate of Louisiana State University, the founder of MouseTeens,and an alumnus of the Disney College Program, Fall 2015.
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