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The Definitive Ranking of Each Mickey Mouse Park Meet and Greet in Walt Disney World

Hi, Mouseteens!  I’m back  with a new piece that some of you planning Disney vacations in the near future might want to take a look at.

Whatever your stance on character meet and greets might be, there’s NO way you can go to Walt Disney World and pass up a photo with the big cheese himself.  Mickey is the defining trademark of the Disney Company.  He’s the product of Walt’s dream, the proof of how amazing things happen when we keep dreaming.

Without Mickey Mouse, there wouldn’t have been the Disney movies we know and love, nor a Walt Disney World for you to vacation to.  He’s Walt Disney’s legacy, and he’s what the parks are all about.  A Disney vacation without a picture with Mickey would be like Cinderella without her glass slippers, Rapunzel without the lanterns, or Elsa without her snow powers.  It just wouldn’t be complete.  Like it or not, a Mickey Mouse meet and greet is mandatory for every trip.

Picking a meet and greet with the mouse can be difficult.  He meets in all four parks, and wears a different costume in each park.  Some lines are longer and more excruciating than others, and sometimes, he’s not alone.  This list, ranked by my personal preference (least favorite to favorite), is designed to help you pick a meet and greet that’s right for you.

Please note:  This list does not include the character meals Mickey regularly attends!


#4: Meet a Favorite Star on Mickey Avenue

Sorcerer Mickey

Photo Credit: disneyworld.disney.go.com

Location: Hollywood Studios

Pros: Mickey meets in his Sorcerer’s outfit, which some people really adore!

Cons: No FP+ to battle the lines, and where is he????

Despite the PERFECTLY fitting Sorcerer Mickey costume he wears, which is amazing for Hollywood Studios (especially anyone who watches Fantasmic! afterwards).  I have to put the Mickey Avenue meet and greet last here.

All of the Hollywood Studios construction has kept Mickey on the go for the past year and a half.  He was at a permanent spot for a long time, then he moved to a temporary spot once his building was closed, and then he stayed there for a while, and now he’s at another temporary spot.

Once construction picks up, he’s going to be moving again.  So, where is he now?  We just don’t know.  This is the only Mickey meet and greet in the parks that I haven’t been to.  He’s been keeping me at bay with his constant changing of locations.  I’d rather visit some characters that I can find than go all around the park searching for Mickey, only to find him tucked in the corner of the park where a long line outdoors awaits me.

Another con is that, fun fact, this is the only Mickey Mouse meet and greet in the Walt Disney World that does not offer Fastpass+ service.  So if you catch him on a crowded day, and it’s hot out, and there are a lot of people waiting to meet him, you’re out of luck.

#3: Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost

Mickey Outpost

Adventurer’s Outpost

Location: Animal Kingdom

Pros: Air-conditioned queue and Minnie Mouse!

Cons: Always a long line, not a good use of Fastpass+

Another fun fact!  This is the only place on property where you can get a photo of Mickey and Minnie together.  Well, at least it’s the only place that offers a consistent meet and greet with the two of them.  Still, this meet and greet turns a lot of Disney fans off.  Why?  Well, for one thing, a lot of people don’t like the outfits Mickey and Minnie wear, and I can’t blame them.

I personally think that Minnie is rocking a look for the ages in the Adventurers Outpost, but if it’s your first (and possibly only) visit with either of them, you might want a more classical look.

Another reason that a lot of people don’t like Adventurers Outpost is because the lines are consistently long (30+ minutes all day, year round) and it’s still not a good use of Fastpass+.  Of all the attractions in Animal Kingdom with even longer lines, it just seems like a smarter idea to invest your three Fastpass+ into other rides first.  If you absolutely must meet these two together, a positive is that the entire queue is air-conditioned. You might be able to schedule a fourth Fastpass+ if you use your first three early enough in the day.

#2 Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot

Mickey Epcot

Epcot Character Spot

Location: Epcot

Pros: Fantastic use of an Epcot Fastpass+, get to meet Mickey in his classic attire, get to meet Minnie and Goofy too.

Con: Incredibly rushed, the literal second worst line on property without a Fastpass+.

The Epcot Character Spot is without a doubt my favorite place on property to meet the classics.  Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie all appear in one place and they’re all wearing their classic outfits.  If you have to pick a meet and greet, Epcot Character Spot is the best.  I consider the Epcot Character Spot to be the best use of an Epcot tier 2 Fastpass+. The lack of attractions in Epcot makes it a great use. Without a Fastpass+, waiting in line to meet them is a hell.  This is one of those lines where they tell you that you have a 20 minute wait and then you get in line and stand still for 40 minutes. It never moves.

Plus, the quality of your character interaction can be hindered by the fact that the cast is in a rush to get so many people through the meet and greet in such a short amount of time.  Still, I love Epcot Character Spot.  It’s the only place where Mickey meets in his classic outfit in the whole parks, and he’s always super sweet!

#1: Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater

Magician Mickey

Talking Mickey

Location: Magic Kingdom

Pros: He talks!!! Always the sweetest, never the same.  Guaranteed to be the highlight of your trip.

Cons: The literal worst line in Walt Disney World when not using Fastpass+.

I really don’t think that there’s a single Meet & Greet on property that can rival the magic of talking Mickey.  On my last visit, I made it a point that meeting him would be the last thing I did and it was the best decision of my life.

I walked up to him and he asked me what I would do next, and I told him that sadly I would have to go home.  He said, “Then boy, am I glad you came to see me!”  And the rest is history.  I was crying, Photopass was crying, we had tons of hugs and a very emotional “see ya real soon”.

Honestly, I’ll never forget my magical moment with talking Mickey, and chances are, neither will you.  Of course, this meet and greet comes at a price—it has the worst line on property.  I was told I would be waiting 50 minutes, and waited an actual total of 120 minutes.  Whether or not he’s worth a Fastpass+ to you is up to your party.

I recommend making a Fastpass+ for at least one of the character interactions in Magic Kingdom, and Mickey might be the one for you.  You can also catch him with a pretty short time during or immediately following Wishes, if it fits your schedule.  If you have to meet the mouse one time on your trip, meet Magician Mickey at Town Hall!

That’s it from me today. Do you have any other tips for meeting Mickey in Walt Disney World? Let us know below!


Kaitlyn Delia

Kaitlyn is 19 year old student at Pace University in New York City. She recently accepted a position in the Disney College Program and will officially become a Walt Disney World Cast Member in August 2016.
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