Super Cute in the Disney Parks!

Hey everyone! I’m back to spread some very important information to you all.

In this post I am going to give you my insight on what to wear to the Disney Parks. If you are like me, I always want to look super cute, and also be comfy. We all know that spending a day in the parks can be hot, tiring, but extremely fun! I have a few outfits I put together to show you what I would wear to each park, and you can tell me what you think! I would love to hear your feedback! So keep reading and I will make all of your fashion desires come true. (You see what I did there?) \

First is my Magic Kingdom outfit. It will keep you cool with the Mickey tank, and some high waisted shorts. I also paired this with some converse to keep your feet comfortable. If you have issues with your feet hurting, tennis shoes are great too! I topped it off with the classic Minnie Mouse ears! I personally would have my hair up in a cute pony- tail because it is HOT!!


Ready for a perfect Magic Kingdom Day!

My next outfit is my Animal Kingdom outfit. I picked this tank because I thought it went with the Animal Kingdom theme well, and come on who doesn’t love “The Lion King. “ I paired this cute tank with some flowy black lace shorts. If you have ever wore these you know how comfy and cool these are. For footwear I chose some sandals. I know that sandals won’t work for everyone with a long day of walking, but an alternate choice of sneakers is awesome as well. My accessories consist of some vintage sunglasses and an over the shoulder purse!


Best Dressed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

My third outfit is my Hollywood Studios outfit. I had so much fun with this one, and all of the colors. I chose a Pixar themed shirt because a lot of the park is based on Pixar. I loved the “UP” shirt because of all of the colors, and how fun and cute it is. The thin fabric will be perfect on a warm day. I paired this tee with some blue shorts. These are comfy and cute. I love the color, and it will go with your bright personality. I paired this with some black sandals and a red over the shoulder purse. This helps bring out all of the different colors in the shirt.


Turning Heads in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

My fourth  outfit is my Epcot outfit. I made this one more fancy and fun. This outfit will keep you cool and looking adorable. This peach dress is perfect for a casual day in Epcot. I paired the dress with some Ariel themed Vans and a seashell necklace with a group of “The Little Mermaid” themed bracelets that are to die for! I am obsessed with this look. I also added some chic, nude sunglasses and a Fujifilm Instamax mini polaroid camera so you can capture memorable moments all day long.


Epcot perfect!

Next I decided to create an outfit that is for a colder Disney day. This is a simple outfit that consists of a Mickey tee with a red cardigan over it paired with some cropped skinny jeans. I also added some black Converse and some classic Minnie Mouse ears. This is a comfy, but cute outfit you can wear on a chilly day.


Perfect for a cool evening in any Disney Park!

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Thanks you guys for reading  and please let me know what you all think! I adore fashion and Disney, and there is nothing better than the two put together so, until next time.

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