Senior Pictures at the Walt Disney World Resort!

It’s finally senior year! You’ve endured 12 years of school to get to this point. It’s a pretty big deal, and one great way to document it is by taking senior pictures!

When it came time for me to think about getting my pictures done, I drew a blank. I knew that I liked more of the informal, artistic type photos instead of those studio done, cap and gown photos.

However, a lot of those type of pictures that I had seen usually involved the person’s interests or sports that they played. I don’t play sports, I don’t really have any special talents, so I thought about my interests. The first thing that popped into my head was Disney! As soon as I got the idea I knew that it was the only place I wanted to do my senior pictures.


There was a ton of planning involved to make this happen. The biggest thing we had to decide was whether to go professional or do it ourselves. I was surprised to learn that Disney actually does artistic photography in the parks, however the prices were through the roof so that was out.

Also, there are some photographers that will do photography in and around the parks, however the ones that actually got back to us were not able to go into the parks and they were only available to shoot one location, because of time constraints.

I had compiled some ideas from Pinterest and I knew that I wanted to go all over the place to take pictures. So, we decided to take them ourselves. My sister and I both had nice cameras and after some test shots around my backyard, we decided that she would take the pictures.

I had to decide what I wanted to wear to take the pictures and it had to be something that would be functional for walking around the parks so I started combing the racks for something suitable and cute. One of our first stops was at Kohl’s and there we found the Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse collection. I found this adorable red dress with little Minnie icons all over it that was the perfect fit!

The Trip

Since I am a homeschool student and we only live about two and a half hours away, we decided to go up on an overnight trip during the week. I chose all of my favorite places on Disney property to take pictures and most of them are in the Epcot area so that was where we started on the first evening.

We didn’t really have a method as to location, we just walked through the park and stopped at places that we thought would be cool for pictures. My favorite spots were the beautiful gardens in the Canada pavilion, the gazebo near the Boardwalk, and various benches around the Boardwalk.

The next day, we went to Magic Kingdom. By this time I was a bit tired of taking pictures as I had posed for hundreds the day before. However, we managed to get a couple of cool shots by the castle and under the arches in Fantasyland. By the end of the trip I was pretty worn out, but I got a ton of great photos that I loved. In fact, I had a really hard time picking just a few for my graduation announcements and invitations.

Some things that I learned:

· We found that it was really helpful to have my mom and sister both take pictures because it doubled the amount of pictures and camera angles. They were also super helpful in telling me how and where to stand to get the best shot.
· We didn’t get a ton of great pictures at Magic Kingdom because we went in the morning and the sun was just a bit too bright. The pictures were taken in the evening or not in direct sunlight.
· The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy. This is supposed to be a fun and once and a lifetime experience, so just let go and have fun!

Katie Smith

Katie is 16 and a frequent visitor to the Walt Disney World resort.
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