My Top 5 Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys are one of the best ways to add a little more magic to your day at the parks. A lot of the time these are overlooked and not even thought about by guests.

My family makes it a friendly competition to see who can find the most! This may be easier than you think as there are so many,  but you need a really close eye out.

These are my 5 favorite hidden Mickeys from all over Walt Disney World!

1. Garden Grill Restaurant– Finding this Hidden Mickey can be quite difficult the first couple of times around this rotating restaurant . The Imagineers did an amazing job hiding it.

On my 2012 trip to Walt Disney World the waiter told us that there was a Hidden Mickey somewhere in the restaurant and gave us until the end of our meal to find it for a special prize.

Me and my brothers spent the whole dinner looking for it and after having no luck we had to ask the Mouse himself to help us out. Mickey told us the area it was in and then we finally found it.

Garden (2)

The Garden Grill in Epcot

This was a great way to add more Disney Magic to our meal and we even received some Fastpasses for Soarin!

2. Carousel of Progress– Carousel of Progress has many hidden Mickeys but my favorite is in the last scene. There are actually three in the last scene but the two I want to talk about are down by the presents under the tree.

Neither of the two are easy to find but the one people spot the most is the stuffed Mickey with his head popping out.

The next one is right next to the stuffed Mickey, on a present.The green decorations make a Mickey head but it is really hard to notice without looking extremely closely. I didn’t find this one until my latest trip in 2016 when I was trying to take a picture of the stuffed Mickey and then found this one when I was looking back at the picture.

Car of Prog

See both?

This is one of the reasons I love Disney so much, because you find something new each time.

3. Splash Mountain– This is Disney creativity at its finest. If you’re not holding on for dear life before you plummet into the briar patch, like some people, then take a look off to your left.

You will notice a Mickey head silhouette formed by the rock. I love pointing this one out to people as we ride because not that many people are paying attention to the details around the drop.

Splash MT

Splash Mountain Hidden Mickey

This is just another way to have more magic in your Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day!

4. Coronado Springs– That’s right, even resorts have Hidden Mickeys! If you are staying at the Coronado or just visiting, make sure to look up at the bus stop signs when arriving or departing the resort. You will notice Mickey is riding along on the bus in the second to last seat.

Coronado 1

Coronado 2

This is one of these small little details that makes even just visiting a resort a lot of fun! Many resorts have them but you just have to take your time to find them!

5. Tusker House– This is one of my favorite restaurants in Animal Kingdom and has an amazing character experience. Once you’re inside the restaurant make your way into the dining room on the left side of the hallway going to the restrooms.

In there you will find a roster board with magnets placed in different spots. If you look to the top of the board you will find a magnet in the shape of Mickey’s head.

Tusker House 2

Tusker House 1

I see you Ahmed!

Even the smallest things make a huge difference to the Disney experience! The Hidden Mickeys are details that Disney puts a lot of thought into and I believe just makes the experience that much more magical.

Once you find one you will be looking for them on every trip! The best part about Hidden Mickeys is that you will always find new ones every time you go!

I hope you all enjoyed this article and let me know what your favorite Hidden Mickey is in the comments below!

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