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MouseTeens First Guest Writer!!! Emily Greggs from Indiana

They call it “The happiest place on Earth” and to me it seems to fit that description perfectly.

Emily Greggs, Sullivan Indiana

Emily Greggs, Main Street USA by way of  Indiana


I’m a 16 year old girl who likes to dance around Fantasyland with pixie dust in her hair. Now to a normal teenager they would think that was pretty dumb, but to teens like us, well we would love nothing more than to dance around Main Street covered in glitter. Am I right?


I started going to Disney World when I was around I’d say three years old. I’ve been around 12 times, and for me that is just not enough. So, what makes us as teens love it so much? It’s simple for me. I have always loved the concept of a fairy tale. Happy endings and the guy ALWAYS gets the girl. You step into a world of pure happiness. It’s truly something special. Plus I know just about every Disney song ever to exist, and yes I sing them very loudly in my car.


I think that our society tends to be so uptight and judgmental these days, but think about it this way; when we were kids, we grew up watching all the Disney movies without a worry in the world. Disney is such a happy escape.


Now I’m probably boring you so I’ll share some funny stories about my Disney experiences. (They might not be funny, but I crack myself up.)


Okay so last summer I begged my parents to take us when we went to Florida for vacation. They gave in, like always, and I was jumping up and down like a five year old. It was a tad ridiculous I can admit, but anyway we went to the Magic Kingdom the first day and to Hollywood Studios, and it was nothing but magical.



We went to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasy Land, and my dad suggested that I wear supportive tennis shoes for the next day. He didn’t quite understand I had spent like 2 days picking out my outfits for 2 days of Disney. I was NOT about to wear shoes that didn’t match my Disney outfits. He kept telling me I had to and I literally cried in line for the Mine Train. (Emotional girl stuff I don’t know) I can’t tell you why, but I did and it is embarrassing I know, but, hey, didn’t have to wear my tennis shoes. 😉


After my stupid emotional break down, we went to Animal Kingdom the next day, and it was already raining which was fine because NOTHING was going to ruin my fun.



My mom suggested we ride the Kali River Rapids, and I told my mom no and that we would be wet and miserable all day long. She insisted so we rode it and got SOAKED. Soaked is a COMPLETE understatement. So I did the whole “I told you so” thing and we were indeed miserably wet.


We were so wet we debated on buying new clothes. We went back to MK still wet and remembered our luggage was in our car. We changed clothes completely and went back on with our day. It was a crazy day, but well worth it.

Emily Greggs, Sullivan, Indiana

Emily Greggs, Rapunzel in Waiting?


So, I can tell you one thing, no Disney story is too crazy. I love it just about as much as the average little girl. I really plan on applying to the Disney College Program when I get to college, and I strive to be a princess. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes. Until next time Disney dolls.



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  1. I love this Emily! That excitement that you described is so real, and I can relate to it so much! I love this article, and I cannot wait to hear more of your Disney Parks stories.

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