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Free Stuff at the Disneyland Resort

When you are going to Disneyland, things can get expensive, so here are 10 things you can get at Disneyland ……FOR FREE!

#1 Buttons

This is probably one of the most well-known free items, but you can go up to Guest Services at Disneyland or California Adventure, and they will give you a free button! You do not even have to be celebrating anything in particular. Besides birthday and wedding buttons, they offer “Just Celebrating” buttons as well for every celebration!


Free Buttons!

#2 Stickers
You can get free stickers a couple of different ways.  If you go to the vacation planning booths, they may give you a free sticker, but you can also get a free sticker if you are chosen to answer a question at the front gate. Castmembers randomly select guests to answer a question and if you answer correctly they will give you a sticker!

Sticker Sample, photo credit, mouseketrips.com

#3 Chocolate

You can grab a free chocolate at the Ghiradelli Shop in California Adventure.  They will hand you one as soon as you enter the store!  They change flavors occasionally so come back every visit and get to try a new delicious flavor.



#4 Bread

At the Boudin Bakery in California Adventure, they offer you a free piece of bread and you also can have a free….
#5 Bakery Tour

Besides a delicious piece of bread, you can also do a quick tour of the bakery and get to see how the bread is made.


Boudin Bakery being all creative at DCA

#6 Train Ride

This may seem obvious, but you can ride on the Disneyland Railroad for free and get off at different stations in the park!  If you ride the full tour, they take you back in time, and you may get to see a few dinosaurs! (Even though the train is closed right now, when it is up and running, you can ride it and see for yourself)

Disneyland RR

All Aboard!

#7 Jungle Cruise Map

This has become a freebie favorite as more and more people discover it. If you ask your Jungle Cruise skipper for a free map, they will give it to you, but you may need to make an animal noise or tell a joke as payment!

Jungle Cruise Map

Map of the World Famous Jungle Cruise!

#8 Recipe

If you head over to the Enchanted Tiki Room food stand (where you get Dole Whips) you can get a free recipe card as well!  Just ask a castmember and they will give you the card so you can make a yummy Dole treat at home.


A perfect view!

#9 Water

No more buying expensive bottles of water! Just go up to any restaurant and they will give you a free cup of water, no purchase needed!

#10 Samples

Although you already learned about bread and chocolate, a few other places offer free samples of their food as well.  The Mint Julip Bar in Disneyland gives you a free sample of their signature drink and the Cozy Cone over at DCA offers a free sample of popcorn!



No vacancy?

There you have it! Let me know down in the comments what freebies you are going to get on your next trip to Disneyland, and have a magical day!


Marisa Recker

Marisa Recker

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  1. Marisa, if I ever make it to California I’ll have this list in hand! I really love the Jungle Cruise map. If they do this at Walt Disney World it would be news to me. I’ll have to check it out.

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