Firsts and Lasts All Rolled into One in the Disney College Program

In the wake of my Disney College Program ending, I thought I’d share a piece of advice that I wish I had before it started.

Everyone told me to “enjoy every second” because it would fly by, and it did.

However, when it came to my “firsts” and “lasts”, no one told me that my “lasts” would start on my very first day. I enjoyed everything, but I didn’t hang onto it and soak in every bit of every day because I always assumed “they’ll be another time.”

Guess what? There won’t always be.

There are too many cast members, too many jobs in each role, too many possible combinations and variables to experience every one of them more than once.

You won’t always be positioned near all of your friends like that one time your first week. Honestly, you might not have even realized those would be the people that would turn into your family when it happened.

You won’t even realize how lucky you were that day.

That one time you and all of your roommates woke up, drank coffee, and made breakfast together? Seems simple enough right? Not much to pay attention to? Wrong. With the crazy schedules you’re going to get, that may only happen once.

So appreciate it all as if you were never going to get to do any of it again. You might not, and every bit of it deserves to be appreciated and remembered.



Sydney is a 21 year old Disney loving graduate of Louisiana State University, the founder of MouseTeens,and an alumnus of the Disney College Program, Fall 2015.
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