Doing Disney for the First Time in a Long Time

Guys, it’s happening. One month shy of what would have been my 3 year I-have-not-been-to-WDW-and-my-soul-is-perishing anniversary

I will be there…in the flesh…Walt Disney World Resort. Needless to say my thoughts have been to, fro do-si-do ever since I got my confirmation email and this is me cataloging them.

Me: *Dials 1-407-939-5277

Me: Hello! I’d like a value, standard room. I really don’t need any frills this trip I am just so excited to be returning.

Me: I see, all you have is a deluxe suite available but there’s a discount if I add a meal plan? I’ll take it.



I proceed to smile at anyone about anything because I am going to Disney World and nothing can bring me down.

McDonalds employee: The ice cream machine is broken

Me: I am getting a mouse bar in 3 months

giphy (1)

After a couple days of general high-on-life attitude I start to think about all the things I will do and see. They’ve added not one but TWO nighttime shows since I last visited…Rivers of Light and Happily Ever After.

giphy (2)

I’m gonna ride a friggin banshee. A BANSHEE.

And apparently, they BREATHE.


But that’s not all I’m excited for. There are simple things that give me the warm and fuzzies without any special effects.


-The view out of the bus window every time I pass under a park sign

-The spiel about keeping your hands, arms, feet, AND legs inside the vehicle in both English and Spanish

-Seeing the hub statue of Walt holding Mickey’s hand *chokes back tears

-Being called princess (at least SOME PEOPLE get me)

-Spotting a bunny run across a perfectly maintained lawn (Please, sorcerer mickey, when I go, bring me back as a hub rabbit or don’t bring me back at all)

-Judi Dench telling me to thank the Phoenicians for inventing the alphabet. Yes ma’am.

source (1)

And there’s also things I simply won’t do.

Like lose to anyone on Toy Story Midway Mania



Speaking of attractions with ridiculously long waits, I don’t do that. 60 days in advance you can bet your butt I am completing those Fastpass+ reservations.

giphy (3)

and then I walk past that 90 minute wait at Peter Pan’s Flight like

giphy-downsized-large (1)

But man, that last month or so when everything is planned and all you have to do is wait is so exciting yet PAINFUL.

For now, back to Instagram to vicariously live through other people’s vacations

giphy (4)

I’ll be in Disney World the first week of February and I hope to see many of you while I’m there!


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Sydney is a 21 year old Disney loving graduate of Louisiana State University, the founder of MouseTeens,and an alumnus of the Disney College Program, Fall 2015.
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One thought on “Doing Disney for the First Time in a Long Time

  1. Sydney, you are so right. It’s the weirdest/ smallest things that leave the biggest impressions! Hope to see you in February!

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