The 5 Disney Songs Needed to Ace Any Exam

With everyone’s semester winding down I thought a little study aid might be of service, so I present to you:


The 5 Disney Songs Needed to Ace Any Exam.


Okay, it’s 10:30 the night before an exam and you’re about as confident with the material as Marlin was about Nemo starting school.


Song 1: Zero to Hero (Hercules)



This is the goal here so let’s get hyped. There’s nothing better than this tune to get you in the mood for SUCCESS. On a roll, undefeated, riding high…heck, we’ll even throw in nicest guy. Why? Because you’re awesome and you’ve got this that’s why! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back we won’t judge you.


12:30 AM and you haven’t done any studying BUT you did catch up on all forms of social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are all calm and you are ready to begin. This is good, this is progress. However, you do realize two hours of your valuable time has flown by and the anxiety begins to set in. We are now ready for…


Song 2: When Will My Life Begin? (Tangled)



This is the question that haunts us all. Lucky for you, I have your answer. It begins after your finals are done so stop slacking and get to studying. Also, can we discuss how many activities Rapunzel can fit into a day? Relax, she swept, polished, waxed, did some laundry, mopped, shined up, and swept again in FIFTEEN minutes. You’ve got at least twenty-eight fifteen minute intervals before your test. Cake.


2:30 AM and you’ve gotten a solid study interval in and you’re feeling awful about it. You’re 99% sure no material has been absorbed and you’re wondering how you managed to be present for every.single.class this semester but are just seeing these words for the first time. Time for some tough love…


Song 3: Be Prepared (The Lion King)



That’s right, villains. Scar is the purr-fect (not even sorry about that one) villain to give it to us straight. He literally says your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog’s backside (as if you didn’t already know.) Lyrics aside, the music is enough to really make you feel the magnitude of the situation. Maybe not kings and succession for you, but handing mom a bad report card is equally as terrifying. Study.


4:30 AM and you are literally seeing sounds and smelling colors. You find yourself listening to


Song 4: He Mele No Lilo (Lilo and Stitch)



You have absolutely no idea what they’re saying but you’re really identifying with it and start to cry stress tears. Take a nap. You deserve it. That’s right. Head down. Right there on your book. Learning through osmosis is a thing right?


6:30 AM and you flip through your book one last time and suddenly you are remembering things. THAT’S RIGHT you LEARNED (short term memory style) and are feeling like what’s-done-is-done about the whole thing and you’re off to school.


Song 5: Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)



I don’t need to explain. I won’t do it.


9:30 AM and your exam is over. You’re not exactly sure what happened in there but you don’t care because Rafiki said it’s in the past and you know he speaks the truth. You’re Heigh-ho-ing out of that class ready to Paint With All the Colors of the Wind in an interpretive dance all the way to the door because break is Just Around the River Bend and you’ve Got No Strings. Until grades are posted at least. But hey, you’re Almost There.

Please share your 5 in the comments below!



Sydney is a 21 year old Disney loving graduate of Louisiana State University, the founder of MouseTeens,and an alumnus of the Disney College Program, Fall 2015.
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