Disney Parks Annual Passes, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know and a Little More


Going to the Disney Parks is a great experience, but for some of us, we go so frequently, that the parks become a second home. Many people who live close to the parks, (or visit them often) hold an annual passport.

But, what exactly is an annual pass? What are some of the benefits? If you are interested in learning more about annual passes, or even considering getting one yourself, here is everything you need to know about being an annual passport holder!


The first thing you need to know about annual passes is that there are a few different choices when looking at passes. In Disneyland, there are three different pass options, and Walt Disney World has three as well, however they are much different from Disneyland’s.


Disneyland has three different passes: the Deluxe Pass, the Signature Pass, and the Signature Plus Pass,  with each one increasing in price, and offering more benefits. The Disney Deluxe Pass is $599, and even with being the cheapest pass, has a load of benefits.

Not only do you get to visit both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure on the same day, but you get 10% off merchandise, food and drinks. You also get discounts at Downtown Disney, and guided tour discounts.

The one thing to be noted about the Deluxe Pass, is that they have quite a few block out days, which are days you cannot go to the park.

During the summer, most Saturdays and a few Sundays are blocked out, and almost every holiday is blocked out. However, if you don’t mind missing some days at the park, you should check this pass out!

The Signature Pass ($849), and the Signature Plus Pass ($1,049) have even more benefits. The Signature Pass allows you access to both parks, plus Photopass downloads, and free parking, as well as 20% off merchandise, and 15% food and drinks.

With this pass you also get Downtown Disney and Guided tour discounts. This pass still does have some block out dates, which mostly includes part of December, and some of the biggest peak days.

Finally, the Signature Plus Pass, offers absolutely no block out days, which is the only major difference between the two Signature passes.


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Walt Disney World

Disney World offers three different passes as well. However, they are more expensive, and organized differently than Disneyland’s.

The passes at Disney World are the Water Parks Annual Pass ($115), the Disney Platinum Pass ($749) and the Disney Platinum Plus Pass ($829).

The Water Parks Annual Pass does exactly what the name entails, gives you access to Walt Disney World’s two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon but not access into any of the theme parks.

The Disney Platinum Pass gives you access into all of the parks at Disney World, complimentary Magic Bands, free parking, free Photopass downloads, and additional discounts at resorts, merchandise, and food.

The Platinum Plus Pass grants you all of that, plus access into the water parks, Disney’s golf courses, and ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex.


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Besides the differences in passes, there are a few other benefits that an Annual pass entails, including AP events.

Currently in Disneyland, it is AP days in Disney California Adventure, which includes special character meet and greets, fun activities, free buttons, and much more.

Also, when I went to California Adventure during the Food and Wine festival, they opened up a lounge that was exclusively for AP holders, and I got free buttons, and free recipes cards.

Disneyland has also done exclusive merchandise sales, like drink holders, popcorn buckets, and other merchandise.

Even though the price Annual Passes can look expensive, it would be more expensive to spend just five days at Disneyland, with a park hopper pass, than to buy the Deluxe Annual Pass.

Also, if you spend more than a week at Walt Disney World a year, an Annual Pass might be a better deal. So, if you are like me, and like to spend as much time at the Disney Parks as possible, you should consider getting an Annual Pass!

Comment down below if you have ever owned an Annual Pass, and as always, have a magical day!


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