Disney Live Action Movies: Facts and Predictions

Welcome to the second installment (first installment here) of Disney Movies: Facts and Predictions! Recently there have been quite a few announcements of new Disney live-action remakes, so it felt appropriate to talk about them. Let’s start with a tale as old as time…

Beauty and the Beast

This highly anticipated film that is set for a March 2017 release. Here is what we know about the live-action Beauty and the Beast:

The most talked about element of this live-action film is, by far, the cast. This star-studded cast includes: Emma Watson (Belle), Luke Evans (Gaston), Dan Stevens (The Beast), Josh Gad (Le Fou), Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), and Kevin Kline (Maurice).

We also know that the Director of the film is Bill Condon. Condon is best known for directing and writing the Gods and Monsters films, as well as directing the Twilight: Breaking Dawn films.

The cast alone has fans excited for the film! Disney has played  this to their advantage because we still do not know too much about the film.

We do know a little bit about the music in the movie, including the all-important fact that all of the songs from the original animated film will be heard in the live-action version. We also know that composers have added three new songs to the film, one of which is called “Forever More”, and another that is called, “Days in the Sun”.

Besides that, fans have gotten glimpses of the setting of the film in the teaser trailer, which was released back in May.


Even with just a small teaser trailer, it is obvious that this film will be visually stunning. It is not Disney’s first time taking classic princess tales and turning them into live-action masterpieces.

Cinderella, which was released in 2015, gives a good idea of what to expect for Beauty and the Beast. My greatest hope for this film is that it dives deeper into the characters. Belle has been known as the “bookworm” since the animated release 25 years ago, but I hope to see a little more than just a bookworm.

I have high hopes that we will get to know not just Belle better, but the Beast as well. One thing that the live version of Cinderella does well is giving the audience a chance to get to know the Prince better, unlike the animated version, where he does not even have a name.

I hope to see the same efforts made in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie as well.
Another thing I am nervous about with the live-action film are the inanimate objects of the household.

There have been rumors, as well as photos that have been released, of some of the objects in the film. As seen below, the cast looks quite different from their look in the animated version.

Maybe it is because they look so different from the classic characters, but these versions of Cogsworth and Lumiere look much more serious. From this image, it is hard to image Lumiere bursting out into song.

However, I am still awaiting seeing how the characters move and talk with each other. Overall, it is going to be incredible to see this movie come to life, and see the cast take on these highly beloved characters.

Mary Poppins Returns (Mary Poppins 2)

Another live-action remake that is coming to the big screens is a sequel to the classic 1964 film, Mary Poppins.


Currently, we know a little bit about this film. Emily Blunt is set to play Mary Poppins, and the ever-popular Lin Manuel Miranda will be playing a “Bert-like” character named Jack.


Emily Blunt will play Mary Poppins

Besides that, Emily Mortimer has just recently joined the cast to play an adult Jane Banks, one of the children from the original film. Also joining the cast will be Meryl Streep, who is set to play Topsy, the cousin of Mary Poppins herself.

There have also been rumors of the film being set 25 years after the original, although this has not been confirmed. The director of the film is Rob Marshall, who has directed Into the Woods, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The film will be produced by Marshall, John DeLuca, and Marc Platt.

Even though we know a few members of the cast and crew, we do not know very much about the plot. Lin Manuel Miranda said, “Michael and Jane Banks have grown up, and they find themselves in their own spot, and Mary Poppins comes back to take care of Michael’s kids.”

Manuel also states, in regards to his character, that Jack “grew up as Bert’s apprentice.”



The reaction to this film has been a mix of both positive and negative thoughts. Julie Andrews is such a legend, especially in the Disney community, and many people are nervous to see such an iconic role being played by a new actresses.

Furthermore, Dick Van Dyke was also iconic in the first movie, and even though Bert is not being recast, Miranda will have the pressure to be a strong male lead in the movie.

Since the movie is a sequel, instead of a remake, I am hopeful that it will add to the original story of Mary Poppins, and not try to change it.

Possible Live-Action Movies

There are a huge handful of Disney live-action movies that have either been announced, or rumored, but we know virtually nothing about them. Let’s look at each movie that has been announced, and what we know so far.

The first movie out of these is a live-action Dumbo movie. The movie is set to be directed by Tim Burton, who is famously known for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and most recently, Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Burton is known for making creepy twists on movies, so it will be interesting to see if Dumbo will have that same flair. We also know that the film will be part live-action, and part CGI.

Disney is also supposed to release Cruella, a film focusing on the villain from 101 Dalmatians, which is rumored to have Emma Stone playing the lead.

Genie, a prequel to Aladdin, focusing on the supporting character, the Genie is also in development.

It was also just announced, via Instagram, that a live-action Lion King was in the works, which is to be directed by John Favreau, who directed the new Jungle Book movie. Favreau made the announcement by posting the picture above, with the caption, “Excited for my new project”.


Disney also announced that they would be develping a live-action Mulan, and they are currently looking for the perfect Mulan.

Finally, we can look forward to two more sequels. Maleficent 2, in which Angelina Jolie will reprise her role, as well as a second Jungle Book movie.

There are no release dates for these films, but it is estimated that they will be released between 2017- and 2020. With all of these announcements, and a long list of rumors, it is overwhelming to think of everything that the Disney Company has in store for us!

So there you have it! Some inside scoop on all to come from the Walt Disney Company for live-action films. Disney has been very heavy on doing live-action remakes, from Cinderella, to The Jungle Book, to Pete’s Dragon, and there is no sign of stopping.

Should Disney continue on with retellings, or focus on creating new stories? Let me know in the comments below what you think, and let me know what live-action film you are looking forward to the most, and as always, have a magical day!


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