Christmas in New York: Disney Style

The parks are a magical time during Christmas, but since moving to New York City, I have had to find my holiday Disney fix somewhere else.

But never fear, New York City actually has a few very Disney, Christmas things to see this holiday season, so I have composed a list of a few of my favorite offerings!

Sak’s Fifth Avenue Display

   New York City has some amazing storefront displays during the holidays, but what’s even better than that? A Disney storefront display!

Sak’s fifth avenue just unveiled their storefront displays, which include the full telling of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

There is a beautiful castle display over the entrance of the store, and in each window tells a piece of this classic story. The display was made to celebrate 80 years of Snow White.

They even had a special unveiling of the displays that included Snow White and the Prince themselves, as well as a performance by Sofia Carson from Disney’s Descendants.




Olaf’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Debut

        Also during this holiday season was the debut of the Olaf balloon during the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

I was lucky enough to see this parade in person, and the Olaf balloon was certainly the headliner. The balloon took six months to create, and it reached heights as tall as a five-story building.

The balloon took about 90 people to operate, but it was worth it to see our favorite snowman high in the sky!


 Another exciting thing to do during Thanksgiving time in the city is to go the night before Thanksgiving and see the balloons up close being blown up. This is a unique experience that is starting to become an NYC tradition, but what was really exciting was being able to see Olaf before he made his TV screen debut!


The Nightmare Before Christmas Concert

        Another exciting event happening this year is The Nightmare Before Christmas concert at the Barclays Center.

Danny Elfman (Jack), Catherine O’Hara (Sally), and Ken Page (Oogie Boogie), will all be there to reprise their roles in concert. There will also be a full choir and orchestra to back them up.

Although this amazing event happened in Los Angeles last year, this is the first time that it is happening in New York City, which has us New-Yorkers even more excited. It will be a 2-night only event in early December.


Photo Courtesy of Goldstar.com

These are just a few of the exciting Disney Christmas activities happening in New York City this year. Whether you are visiting this year or any year during the holidays, be sure to be on the lookout to see what magic the city has to offer. As always, have a magical day!


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Marisa Recker

Marisa Recker

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