Hi, I’m Sydney.

All I want to is to live in a world where I decide when I go to work, everyone is proud of who they are, and recess is carried through life.

I’m currently in college pursuing a degree in Finance with a concentration in “the college experience”.

I was thrilled to be a participant in the Disney College Program in the Fall of 2015.

When I’m not studying, you can find me calculating the expense to pick up and drive to Disney World on a whim or advocating for the right to wear high tops to any occasion. All while demanding that my parents treat me like an adult but refusing to schedule my own dental appointments.

Anyway, MouseTeens was kind of an idea of mine and I hope you enjoy your visit here and want to come back often.

Anything here that you find interesting or entertaining is completely due to the amazing and talented Disney loving teen writers that so enthusiastically share their time, knowledge and love of all things Disney.

Much more to come……..




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