6 Last Minute Things To Do For the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Celebration

In case you didn’t know, Disneyland has been celebrating its 60th anniversary since May 2015, and have had a lot of fun of things to do while it has been going on. The 60th celebration will be ending on September 5th, 2016 and whether it be your first time celebrating, or you hundredth, here is a list of 6 things you need to do, and some tips on how to do them before the 60th Anniversary celebration ends!

#1. See Paint The Night/ Disneyland Forever Fireworks


I included both of these together, since they are both nighttime Disneyland spectaculars. Paint the Night is a fantastic light parade, filled with the most memorable Disney, and Disney Pixar characters. It is a technological masterpiece, and if you haven’t seen it, it is a definite must see! The Disneyland Forever fireworks are also a wonderful fireworks display filled with tear-jerking songs and incredible effects that project all down Main Street U.S.A, and takes you through Disneyland history, back to when it was just an orange grove.



The Paint the Night parade gets packed fast. I have seen people start waiting for it up to 4 or 5 hours in advance, but a good tip is to sit in the Small World area, as the parade still goes through there, but there are not as many people waiting.

I would still suggest to get there at least an hour in advance, or sooner if you want a front row seat.

The Firework show can be seen from almost anywhere in the park, but if you want to see the amazing projections, you should stand either on Main Street, or in front of the castle if you can. Again, it gets pretty packed, so it might be hard to get a perfect spot, but you will have a wonderful experience either way.


#2. Get a Picture with a Dazzling Character

Each of the Mickey and Friends characters have been updated with dazzling new outfits just for the 60th celebration, so be sure to get one last picture of one (if not all) of the characters in their new outfits.



You can find the characters in their 60th gear on Main Street U.S.A., so you would want to see them in the morning, because in the evening, and at night, they usually have very few characters roaming the parks.

Be sure to ask cast members when the character you are looking for is coming out. They can give you some good insight into when to be on the lookout.

Don’t go to Toontown! They will be in their regular outfits, and not their 60th looks.


#3. Get a Photo at The 60th Photo Ops

One thing that gets overlooked in the 60th Celebration is the cute photo spots they have. Each of these reflect a ride, or land, and they put in you “in” the ride, like this one below, where, when flipped, looks like you are scaling up the Matterhorn.

Photo by Disneyavenue.com

Photo by Disneyavenue.com


Some of these can be hidden, so be sure to ask a Photo Pass Photographer or a Cast Member where they are.

Although it is the Photo Pass Photographers running these booths, you can use your own camera, so don’t be afraid to ask!


#4 Get a 60th Treat

There are many treats at Disneyland that are customized just for the 60th celebration, including delicious desserts, and drinks. There are many to choose from, so be sure to check out all of the diamond deliciousness before buying one.



As stated above, 60th treats are spread all over the park, but one place you should check out is the Jolly Holiday bakery, because they have a few different 60th treats, as well as a souvenir cup.

Read reviews! Some 60th treats have been more of a success than others, so read a review or two on which ones you should try. (My suggestion would be a 60th cake pop, because they are delicious and very photogenic!)


#5 Get a Water

Although a strange request, the water cups at all the Disneyland restaurants are themed for the 60th celebration, so if you would like a free souvenir, pop into any of the restaurants and they will give you one for free. But if you would like a fancier souvenir…


#6 Get some 60th Merchandise

There is A TON of Disneyland 60th merchandise, everything from cups, plates, ears, pins, magnets, shirts, sweaters, and the list goes on.

Photo by diskingdoms.com

Photo by diskingdoms.com


Get something you will use. I find that if I get a souvenir shirt, it usually hangs in my closet. Try and get something that you will use, or some decor that you will actually hang up. Besides that, if you think in this mindset, you might pick a souvenir that you might not have before, like salt and pepper shakers, or dish towels!

If you are looking for memorabilia, I would suggest a pin or magnet, because it is small enough to fit in your luggage, and also, a little more cost effective.

Buy merchandise at the end of the day! You do not want to be stuck carrying around merchandise, so wait until before you leave the park, and pick up some souvenirs as your leaving.

So there you have it! 6 Things you need to do at the Disneyland 60th celebration before it goes away forever. If you have gotten a chance to check out the Disneyland 60th, tell me your favorite thing about it, and if you haven’t, tell me what you would like to see the most!

Have a Magical Day!



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  1. For anyone that is 1,900 miles from Disneyland like I am, the Disney Parks Blog will be live streaming Paint the Night on July 25th. I’ll be tuned in!

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