Why Disney Characters Are Not Just For Kids


Often people ask me why I love the Disney Parks so much. Many answers come to mind, of course, but one of my most favorite parts of the parks is the characters! Many people then proceed to give me questioning, or strange looks, because usually people believe that Disney characters are for smaller children, but […]

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How to Plan Your Senior Trip, Moderate Resorts


Welcome back! Previously I covered the Value Resorts as a great option for your Senior Trip and today it’s all about the Moderates! Moderate Resorts– These resorts are  the mid-priced of the Disney resorts. Instead of the giant icons and themes of the Values it’s more based on a geographical area such as the Caribbean. […]

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How to Plan your Senior Trip, Value Resorts


Welcome to the next installment in our series dedicated to helping you choose the perfect place to stay on your Senior Trip! I strongly urge people taking a senior trip to stay on Disney property. The value resorts offer a great bang for your buck. They are clean, have fun themes, free buses to the […]

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Senior Pictures at the Walt Disney World Resort!


It’s finally senior year! You’ve endured 12 years of school to get to this point. It’s a pretty big deal, and one great way to document it is by taking senior pictures! When it came time for me to think about getting my pictures done, I drew a blank. I knew that I liked more […]

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Super Cute in the Disney Parks!


Hey everyone! I’m back to spread some very important information to you all. In this post I am going to give you my insight on what to wear to the Disney Parks. If you are like me, I always want to look super cute, and also be comfy. We all know that spending a day […]

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